shearings coach holiday, Where do you want to go on ?

 Book with shearings coach holidays, and explore the many wonders of the UK and parts of Europre, Shearings offer a wide array of affordable coach holidays that will suit all budgets, ages and interests.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday in the country, explore a vineyard, visit the seaside, or go on a group party, shearings coach holidays have got you covered.

Book a last minute shearings coach holiday and whisk off for the weekend

Leave the stress and worries of your work week behind, Shearings are offering some amazing deals on their last minute coach holidays, they also offer holiday lets, hotel breaks, and also river cruises (i went on one of these, my first ever cruise, what an amazing time that was).

I loved the River Cruise with Shearings, and have already booked on for a cruise on the Rhine, can´t wait, very excited, and of course, I will be adding photos when I´m back, I will also start adding photos of my previous trips as well.

In fact, I might even dedicate an entire page to their river cruises? I want this website to grow and grow, and become a place of resource for future customers and past to share their experiences of their shearings coach holidays.

About Shearings

Shearings are a UK wide company based in Wigan in Lancashire, They are the UK´s best tour operators, Shearings coach holidays offer over 170 different destinations, and all are at great prices.

Shearings also have over 40 hotels located across the UK, so can offer you a complete package for your next holiday.

Shearings are also members of the Bonded Coach Holiday Group of the Confederation Of Passenger Transport UK Ltd, which is a government approved, consumer protection scheme. This means that your money is protected by a Bond in the unlikely event of shearings going into insolvency, so you can rest assured that any shearings coach holidays that you book, will be protected by the government!