Looking for a coach holiday? then why not use Shearings?

Hi I´m Pauline, I have been a happy customer of Shearings coach holidays for the past 5 years, I usually take 2-3 coach breaks a year, and always choose Shearings Coach Holidays, why, because in my opinion, they are the best around!!!

They offer the best customer service, the trips are fun and affordable, and Shearings offer, what i think to be the best choice of coach holidays available, in the UK.

Am I associated with shearings Holidays?

In short, No, I am just a very happy customer who has been booking my coach holidays through Shearings for the past few years, and thought I´d create these pages just to tell everyone how happy I am with them, and that I highly recommend that if you want  to book any coach holidays, then  you should seriously consider contacting Shearings Coach holidays, you will not regret it.

Shearings Coach Holidays = a great family trip

Whether you are a single like me or a family with kids, shearings coach holidays offer something for everyone, Journey and explore all that our beautiful nation has to offer in style and comfort with shearings, check out wales, scotland, Ireland and of course Englands green and pleasant lands.

Conquer the continent with Shearings Coach Holidays

Fancy venturing a bit further afield?

Great, Shearings coach holidays has that covered to, discover hidden beauty in Spain, Italy, France and Austria, but remember you´ll need that pesky passport to enjoy these wonderful Shearings coach holidays!

Blog or comment button coming vary soon - I will be adding a comment and blog option so that other happy and satisfied customers can leave their feedback on their Shearings Coach Holidays experience. IN THE MEAN TIME, if you would like to send pictures or comments on your trip to be added to this site, then please use my contact page.

Thanks guys and gals

Paula Metcalffe

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